Pinterest can boost any company’s reach and sales, especially for e-commerce brands. It has become the most popular advertising platform because it is all about intent. Pinterest users come to the site ready to take action, and many of them use it as a purchasing guide.According to Pinterest, 83 percent of weekly Pinners have purchased something after seeing a Pin from a business.

How to Begin Using Pinterest for Business?

To advertise on Pinterest, you must first register for a free business account. You can create a new personal account or convert an existing one and start running advertisements. The next step is to create a profile to assist your future customers to know you better. Choose a profile photo and provide other useful information.

After that, you’ll start making Pins. Your Pins can be saved and shared by Pinterest users naturally. You can promote them using Ads Manager and have them appear in the feeds of a specific audience. Some of the pinterest elements that you must know before using it for your business, are listed below:

  • Featured Image or VideoThe visual nature of Pinterest is one of the most intimidating aspects for businesses. To make your advertising stand out on the platform, you’ll need a strong visual component. You can also download pins and videos using third party apps like Pintreset Downloader, to save for later.
  • CopyYou’ll have a title and a description for pins. The length of your title is limited to 100 characters. Users will see your Pin description instead of the title if you don’t fill it out.
  • LinksMake sure you’re bringing consumers to the material they’d expect to see after clicking on the Pin. If your photograph features a specific piece of clothing, readers should be sent to that item’s product page. If you announce a deal in your video, you should direct viewers to a website that mentions the sale as well.
  • BoardsBoards are how users arrange their Pins, and you’ll be using them to manage your business’s Pins as well. Users will be able to explore your Pins and learn more about your business by visiting your profile’s Boards. You’ll want to mark your boards clearly so that viewers can easily discover the information that’s most relevant to them.
  • Pinterest TagIf you wish to run advertisements on Pinterest, you’ll need to add The Pinterest Tag to your site, much like other advertising platforms. When people come to your site from Pinterest, the Pinterest Tag will help you keep track of them. Depending on your business and goals, you’ll be able to see if your Pinterest participation resulted in more visits, signups, or checkouts.

Use Pinterest Ads Manager for your Business

  • Visit and click on “Ads.
  • Select “Create ad” in the Ads Manager interface.
  • Set a campaign goal.
  • Create an Ad Group that will be a container for all of your promoted Pins.
  • Specify your target audience, demography, and set keywords.
  • Select the dates for your campaign to run and the budget.
  • Select Pins to promote your post.
  • Review your settings and submit the ads.