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Step 1

Choose video click to the Share button at the right bottom then Click the Copy Link button.

Step 2

Paste the link of video from Supported Sources into the input field above.

Step 3

Click to download button and see files which is available to download.

Online Video Downloader

As mentioned earlier, since the launch of the TikTok, there have been tons of problems for the ones who wanted to download the video content within the platform in a way that no application feature was used. Cause of the huge demand, our team has decided to develop the so-called online hosted tool that would enable thousands of users worldwide to download the videos from it without any extra hustle, whatsoever. As for now, there are tons of websites hosted within the similar niche that offer the related service as we do, but there’s a huge difference. The main one is the difficulty of going through all the requirements that the website has for the users to follow. If any of those is not completed, unfortunately, no goal is reached. On top of that, some of the representatives have malware installed in the software, that is way too risky for the audience to play with. Due to those issues mentioned above, here we’re introducing the entirely free to use tool that gives everyone a fair chance of downloading the TikToks by just copying the URL and pasting it to the form shown onto the home page. By just clicking the button, you will get the file in the computer or the mobile phone you’re accessing the domain from.

How to Use Guideline:

The first step would be to take the URL of the TikTok video within the web or mobile application. It’s a pretty basic one. If you’re not aware of the instructions, please be sure to take a look at the frequently asked questions of the company and it will help you better understand what to do in order to get the desired location of the video. Then comes the pasting step, which could be done by right-clicking the mouse button and pressing the Paste call to action text. Don’t forget to tick the without watermark function as it’s indeed installed in our online tool. However, it’s your decision to have it with or without branding, depending on your needs.

Where is the Video Downloaded?

Usually, videos are downloaded in the folder selected by the default browser of yours. If you’re the Windows operating system user, just press the control J button and see the history of the files and folders used for the latest operations, on the other hand, CMD + SHIFT +J can be run for the Apple OS users, which gives you the same result as the first one. As for the mobile consumers, the videos directly go to the gallery or the Downloaded Files directory, if not it can be accessible from the latest notifications area.

Security and Privacy of the Online Tool

Our website is secured by utilizing the protocols approved by the world wide web standards. There are no applications needed to be installed for the usage part. So you can feel safe while playing around with the features of the tool. Please be sure to check the URL of the website, as there are some cases when other website owners try to impressionate our landing page to mislead the users which end up getting hacked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About downloading Videos & Musics & Images & Gifs from social networks.

What is Steptodown Video Downloader?

SteptodoSteptodown is a free online tool that helps you to download any source videos/images from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

Is steptodown safe for my device?

Yes, of course, steptodown is completely safe to use on any device.

Where is the video/image saved after downloaded?

The files which you download are usually saved in a default folder selected by your browser, if you can not find downloaded files check browser settings where you see in which folder is used to save files.

What devices is the tool compatible with?

Our online tool is compatible with all devices such as Android, Ios, Macs, PCs, iPhones, Huawei, Tablets, etc which have browser support.

Do I have to create an account to download?

No, You don’t need to create an account to use our tool.

What file formats can I download from Steptodown?

You can download files like mp4, mp3, png, jpeg, jpg, etc. Usually, videos are ready to download in mp4 format in HD quality. music files are ready to download in mp3 format.

Do I have to pay for download services?

No, it’s free and always will be. You will not be charged for anything when using our tool.

Supports The Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.