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How to use TikTok video downloader, probably that’s the question many of you might have. It’s quite simple and easy thing to do as you’ve already found the right place. Not to forget the key differentiator from the alternative tools available onto the market is that our website doesn’t require the user to download or install any type of software or the extension. Even without registration, anyone can access the website and use all the features listed down below for free of charge.

How to Download TikTok Videos without Watermark

The online tool that you’re about to use has no requirements whatsoever, the only thing that you need to do is to paste the URL of the TikTok that you would love to download from TikTok. Once this step is completed, the user decides whether he or she wants to get the video format of it with or without a watermark. After checking the corresponding checkbox, the video content will be automatically downloaded to the device you’re accessing the website from. To download the video TikTokyou will have to do mentioned tasks below. Beforehand, I would love to speak about the mandatory benefits of the tool so you’re better aware of the possibilities of the online tool.

Mandatory features of our TikTok video downloader

  • Our algorithm automatically identifies the TikTok branding, a so-called watermark, deletes it from the content itself, and downloads the file afterward so there’s no copyright infringement happening after the user decides to somehow use it within his or her content.
  • You should already be aware of the fact that TikTok as an application itself only allows its mobile users to download the video. However, our website is accessible for any type of device, including any mobile phone, personal computer, or tablet.
  • Downloading the mobile application is not in any way a mandatory thing to do. If you want to do things quickly without installing additional programs, all the features of the tool can be executed within any type of browser, including and not limited to: Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Firefox.
  • There are no payment gateways on any page of the website. There could be some sort of advertisements placed for the purpose of supporting the tool development itself. To cover the costs of the website hosting and programming the features of the website furthermore. We can proudly say that the core features of the website will always be free and no user will be asked for payment from our side.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this app allow me to download videos from Tik Tok without the watermark?
Yes, our TikTok video downloader has the option for you to remove the watermarks from any kind of video you choose to download with it. You do not even need to pay to unlock this feature because it is already free.
Can I download clips in different video formats with this video downloader?
Our website has the quality and format options for any kind of videos to choose from. Therefore, yes you can select any kind of video format you want before the video download process starts. There are multiple video formats you can choose like the MP4, MP3, and many others as well.
Do I need to install this TikTok downloader on my device to use it?
This Tiktok Downloader is optimized to work on any kind of device, even on Android-powered phones and iPhones. So, you do not need to download this app because it gives you a fully online service without any extra steps. You do not even need to install any kind of extension on your browser.
How many videos can I download in a day with this website?
As long as you grab the right link of the video from the TikTok platform, you can download as many of them as you want. Web-based online Steptodown tool does not have any kind of daily or weekly download limits and you do not even need to pay anything to unlock this option either.