The Trump Media and Technology Group, which former President Trump founded, controls the Truth Social.

The purpose of the Truth Social app is to aid in discovering the truth by the general public.

Truth Social will allow users to post ‘truths’ instead of tweets. “Retruthing” refers to the practice of republishing other people’s content, and the primary newsfeed is referred to as the “truthfeed.” Truth Social and Rumble formed a partnership in December 2021. According to the terms of service, users are not allowed to disparage, tarnish, or harm Truth Social or the website in any way.
Let’s start to learn truth social download procedure:

To join Truth Social, follow these instructions using a desktop, Mac, or PC.

If you are using a computer, there is no need to install anything. Truth Social may still be used without it. You may access Donald Trump’s social media accounts on a computer by following these instructions:

  • Go to the Truth Social website if you are using a web browser.
  • When you visit the page, you will see “Join the Waiting List!” written in big letters.
  • Your name and email address will be added to a waiting list if you provide them.
  • A “405 Not Allowed” notice may appear from time to time on the website. Redo the whole process to avoid this error.
  • After registering, you will get an email notifying you that your name has been placed on the waitlist. Once you have a phone number, the job is complete.
  • After this point, you are free to complete the Truth Social signup procedure.

How can I access and join up for Truth Social on my iPhone?

If you would want to utilize Truth Social on your iPhone, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Visit this official website and the Apple App Store to learn more about the Truth Social app.
  • Start the app on your iPhone.
  • Click “Create Account” in app.
  • Once we have your email address, we can get started. Please check the email address you provided when signing up for an account.
  • Select “confirm email address” to continue. To complete the registration procedure, you will need to provide your email address and phone number.
  • SMS confirmation codes are not always sent as requested. If you do not get the SMS message, do not worry. You will have to try again later because of technical difficulties.
  • Signing up is complete after you get the verification code on your mobile phone. Truth Social is now available on your iPhone.

How can I download and register for Truth Social on my Android phone?

Truth Social is currently not compatible with Android devices. As soon as the Truth Social Android app is published, this page will be updated.

Can i download videos from Truth Social?

Content creators need sources to build quality content, if you need to collect videos from truth social you can use Truth Video Downloader tool.


After he was prohibited from Twitter for an undetermined period of time, Trump started a new network called Truth Social. According to the reality star turned politician, I will stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.