Facebook Video Downloader

Download from any source fast and free without limits.


Step 1

Choose video click to the Share button at the right bottom then Click the Copy Link button.

Step 2

Paste the link of video from Facebook into the input field above.

Step 3

Click to download button and see files which is available to download.

It might seem easy at first to download any picture and video you might see on Facebook because it isn’t hard to upload in the first place. However, that isn’t the case as the social network doesn’t provide any separate tool to save videos on your device. This is where special tools like our Facebook Video Downloader come in handy. While other video downloading services available on the internet might seem free and without any hassle, that isn’t necessarily the case. The user gets riddled with a lot of registration and buying subscription pop ups. Our services are devoid of any such things.

How to download videos from Facebook?

If we had to describe our online tool in just one word, it would be ‘Simple’. You just need to copy the link of the Facebook video that you wish to save on your device and paste the URL of that video in the box above. Once you are done with this step, you will get various options of the format you would like to download the respective video in. If you wish to download the Facebook video in 1080p, click on the format and it will automatically start downloading the video on your device.

Features and benefits of Facebook Downloader:

  • It is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Unlike most of the tools out there which seem free at first but ask you to buy their subscription later on, our tool is absolutely free to use.
  • No watermark! Most of the tools put their own watermark in the video automatically once you download it. That won’t be the case if you download it from our tool.
  • Security: Your data will remain secured with us and what you wish to download will not be shared with even a single soul on this planet.
  • Speed! Not only this but our tool also manages to download the video at a much higher speed as compared to the other tools you might find on the internet. Go on then, utilize the potential of this tool and share it with your friends as well!

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