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Click on the three dots placed on the top right side of the video and click on the Copy Link option.

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Paste the link of video from IG into the input field above.

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Click to download button and see files which is available to download.

Instagram video content is a truly unlimited source of fun and entertainment. This platform is full o famous models, top celebrities, amazing content creators and popular influencers. They all make awesome and interactive posts and videos every day for their followers. If you like to consume thins kinds of media, then this Instagram Video Downloader is a perfect tool for you. Unlike other tools in the same category, our program does not degrade the quality or the dimensions of the downloaded video. You get what you like in its original high quality. The download process is probably the fastest too and does not require any additional steps to be completed in a third-party app or browser.

This download program extracts the video content directly from the Instagram servers. Our algorithm does that to help you download the videos in the highest quality possible. Therefore, you can freely download any kind of media or video project from your favorite Instagram pages. This will be helpful if you are planning to make compilations or edit videos on your own and upload them to your Instagram page. You can use this Instagram MP4 Converter for this purpose and reach your Instagram follower goals easily, without paying any fee to download unlimited videos from this famous social media website.

Ours is one of the best online Instagram video downloader tool which is the ‘go-to’ tool for countless users around the globe who wish to download Instagram videos on their respective devices. You don’t need to install any separate extension on your PC’s browser or install any kind of app on your smartphone to download Instagram videos and photos from our online tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which video formats can I choose when I download from Instagram downloader?
Our website support any kind of popular video and audio format MP4 & MP3 you may want to use. You can select your favorite one before the downloading process starts.
Is there a daily or weekly download limit on the Instagram video download website?
Our tool is completely free and does not require any kind of fee to unlock unlimited downloads. This option is already enabled for every user and you can download as many videos as you want.
Does this tool work on both private and public Instagram accounts?
The download process on this website is completely unlimited. You can download as many videos as you want daily, weekly or monthly without paying any extra fee.
Do I have to create Instagram account to use this specific downloader?
No, our site does not require your Instagram login information. You can just copy the Video or Photo URL from the instagram page without using your account.
Can I use this tool on my iPhone & Android?
This special tool supports both IOS and Android powered smartphones. It does not matter if you have an Samsung or iPhone, this downloader will work on both perfectly. It also runs on every kind of Windows operating system and is also available to use on Mac.
Where do the videos get saved after downloading?
After the video is completely downloaded, it will get saved in the default folder selected in your browser. In your smartphone, the video should appear in the gallery.
Do we keep copies for ourselves?
Absolutely not. Our tool doesn’t save the video on our server and moreover, we never track the download history of our users. This makes using our tool completely anonymous and safe when it comes to privacy.
How is it better than other tools?
  • You can download unlimited, truly unlimited videos from our tool and guess what? For absolutely free as unlike most of the tools available on the internet, we don’t charge our users for our services.
  • You can download videos at great speed depending upon your internet connection but if it’s good, your download will get completed before you know it!
  • If you find it hard to download, we have also listed down detailed tutorial in the next section below.