We are currently living in a new era of marketing both subtly and with full force. This era has altered the way people used the market and promote their businesses. The internet has paved the way that allows marketers to roam online and work with the world markets as their target audiences. In this present time, all you need is the internet to stay connected and increase your reach online.

In the present times, there are multiple innovative ways for businesses to connect and communicate with the audience. Thanks to the technological revolution and the presence of online communication on social platforms, there are multiple growth opportunities. It is extremely important to hold a strong social media presence nowadays if you want to grow your brand. For a better reach, using a variety of platforms or using an Omni-channel approach is suitable.

Pinterest is home to millions of ideas or inspirations and is a go-to social media site that people visit when in dire need of a creative idea. With over 200 million users, Pinterest offers a lot more than just more creative ideas. It cannot only help you stimulate your brain and boost creativity but also check out valuable marketing tips used by experts.  

Let us take a little insight into what Pinterest is and how it works.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that works as a Visual discovery tool. With the help of Pinterest, users can uncover many great ideas regarding anything of their interest. The main concept of this site is to connect people with similar interests and collect their inspirations and ideas virtually. The users can keep their collections categorized and share them with other users that share similar fascinations. 

Basic Pinterest Terminologies:

Pinterest is a widely used site that has unique features. These unique features may be foreign to new users as they are not quite similar to the ones you find on Instagram or Facebook. Some of them are listed below:

  • Boards:

 They have categorized bulletin boards similar to visual bookmarks that keep the collection organized. 

  • Pins:

Pins refer to all the ideas or posts that are displayed on this site. You may save these “pins” to the relevant boards. 

  • Group Boards:

Sort of like group chats with a single admin; Group Boards are collaborative collections where the members can participate with an invite. 

  • Lens:

This feature shows your ideas and posts on your feed suggested according to the picture you take by Lens feature. 

  • Pincodes:

You may design a pin code to unlock your business’s curated boards and profile on Pinterest. It also grants direct access to users who want to view your boards like QR codes.


How Does Pinterest Help Businesses?

With millions of users, Pinterest offers great opportunities for brands to connect with a larger audience. 

The following are listed some advantages for brands to use Pinterest to enhance their growth.

  • Pinterest Brings Additional Traffic:

Pinterest provides a great opportunity for brands to generate more traffic to their sites. The important element that plays a great role in bringing the audience is to use and post appealing and creative pictures related to your brand. Pinterest also enables the users to incorporate a link in every pin that you post that grants them direct access to your site. 

  • Increases Brand Awareness:

Spreading awareness about your brand among the audience is the most crucial part of the business. People would not buy from you if they do not even have enough knowledge about you. Pinterest greatly contributes to enhancing brand awareness. Brands should set up a personalized profile and introduce their brand with customized logos and short descriptions. This will catch the attention of a wide audience and the awareness will keep spreading. 

  • It Boosts Engagement:

Engaging with potential customers is extremely important for businesses. To boost engagement, Pinterest is a great platform as it has millions of users that use the site every day. Creating and sharing pins with people of similar interests is the main reason of using Pinterest. Brands can benefit from it by having creative profiles so their reach can be increased. 

  • Browsers Transform into Buyers

It happens very often that if you are just browsing or scrolling and end up stumbling upon something you find attractive, your heart might convince you into buying it. The audience is actively surfing on Pinterest and it is a great chance to showcase your brand and generate more sales. 

  • Free Promotion:

One of the biggest advantages of using Pinterest for your business is that it offers free promotions to brands. All of the features that Pinterest offers are free to use such as building your profile or promoting your brand. It cuts the brand’s cost of marketing and saves them expenses. 

  • Visual Platform:

The main reason why such a huge audience prefers using Pinterest is that they can see everything visually. It offers the brands the opportunity to display what they offer and catch the attention of a wide audience. 


How to Set Up a Business Account on Pinterest:

If you already have a private profile on Pinterest and looking to convert it into a business account then it is free of cost and very easy to use for business. You can build your profile in a few simple steps. They are as follows:

  1. Log in to your Pinterest account and head over to Settings.
  2. Select “Account Settings” and scroll down the account changes.
  3. Click on the option “Convert Account” under the Convert to a business account tab.
  4. Enter your Business name and other details.
  5. Personalize your profile and make it attractive.
  6. Link your other social handles.
  7. Start Creating!

Crucial Tips for Businesses to Consider

The following are listed some tips and tricks that brands can implement to make their experience better. 

  • Consider your brand offerings and make relevant content.
  • Personalize your posts and pins and optimize descriptions.
  • Create attractive titles and do not forget to use relevant keywords.
  • Be consistent with your content.
  • Attempt to be creative and inspiring. 
  • Connect with the other pinners.


Pinterest provides a great head start for brands to promote their business online. Businesses can display their brand on this platform and attract millions of customers. Brands will eventually get a chance to display their products and generate revenue. This article will serve as a guide for you to get started.