In this technical day and age, a good internet connection is necessary – whether that’s to coordinate and maintain tasks with colleagues or to work online as a freelancer. Research shows that there are about 307.34 million internet users in the United States alone! That number is ever-increasing and so is the number of data breaches, marking the U.S. as the top country for the most breaches, worldwide. 

With such risks involved, it’s little wonder that the average user is worried about the security of their internet connection. To combat hackers, a huge amount of free VPN services have surfaced over the years, but even so, they don’t protect you. Such service providers gather data and then, sell that to advertisers. This includes IP addresses, your location, and your browsing history. Your privacy isn’t protected by such sites, so once again, who can you trust? 

Xfinity Internet – Your One-Stop Solution for Online Security

Xfinity is, undeniably, one of the best choices to consider in terms of service. It is present in 40+ states, and has a 24/7 customer support team that is highly rated, but is it secure? 

Via the ‘Xfinity xFi Gateway’ you are able to tap into a secure home network that will protect any device connected online. From malicious websites to firewall protection, Xfinity xFi Gateway covers it all. Firewalls are given extensive scrutiny as they’re the first barriers that prevent unwanted visitors, so no expense has been spared in erecting only the best of the best. 

Along with complete protection, Xfinity Internet also has an app that allows you to view and manage all potential security risks. You can simply log in, and then you should be able to see a dashboard that will alert you if there has been some suspicious activity on connected devices. You should get a message that says ‘View Affected Devices’ and once you’ve clicked on that, you’ll be able to see the number of threats. 

Most likely, you will also see that no further action is required from your end. You will simply be aware of all activity and the professionals will take care of the rest! You can even read the threat description further and may receive some fairly simple instructions to take care of the problem. 

How Secure Are Xfinity Hotspots? 

Even when you connect to one of the 20 million hotspots across the nation, Xfinity ensures your safety, as anything that you send while being connected to a hotspot, is broken down into an undecipherable code. Another way to be certain that you’re connected to a secure hotspot is to look for the lock symbol next to ‘XFINITY.’ 

That is a clear indication that it’s a secure network, however, there are slightly less secure hotspots that are more open for public use. These will more often be titled ‘xinfinitywifi’ so watch out for those. As always, Xfinity is working diligently to look for more secure options to provide you with complete peace of mind. 

How Can I Change My Xfinity Wi-Fi Security Mode?

You can also change your Wi-Fi’s security mode, but we would urge you to be very careful of the sites that you change them for. 

  1. You need to sign in to the Xfinity app first and then, you should see a ‘Connect’ option at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Please select your network and then go into Wi-Fi settings. 
  3. You can then use the drop-down menu to alter the security. All that’s left to do is click save! 

It’s also important to not forget the basics – strong passwords do hold! Make sure that you’ve picked a longer one and never have the same password for two different accounts. 

Going a step further, Xfinity even includes 24/7 monitoring systems where you can view your home, away from home. Due to their efficient responses, they are now helping to keep 1 million Americans safe. You can choose various devices from the options here and pick which systems would make you feel more secure. 

Once chosen, our Xfinity experts will be over to fix and install the systems in your home. Whether you opt for professional monitoring or would prefer a more hands-on approach yourself, we can make it work for you. 

With the Xfinity app, you can check in at any time, from anywhere, and watch your home live or even in a recording. With high-quality equipment, you can customize a Home Security plan that feels the safest for you with the starting price of just $10 per month! 

The Bottom-Line

With the advent of the internet, organizations have sought to gain from the exploitation of others’ personal data and information. A lot of people have fallen victim to such schemes and still do, which is why it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant. Xfinity takes your security matters and the measures very seriously.