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Everything you need to know about Truth video downloader (Trumps social network)

Truth video downloader is becoming popular among people because of its initial release on iOS. It is also from Donald Trump, which is why it is becoming famous. According to Trump, there should be increased advancement within technology.
Truth downloaders can be very helpful for people if they want to increase their downloads. Donald Trump took this decision after he was permanently banned from Twitter. He wanted to launch his platform to stand up to the big try of technology.

Features of truth video downloader you need to know about

Truth downloader is not a replacement for any other social network such as Twitter. It has its worth, and it works against a certain work tactic. You can use a truth video downloader for many purposes, and it can also be convenient for most people because of its features and benefits.

Available for everyone

You can get access to truth Downloader because it is accessible and available for everyone. There is no restriction to use it for any reason, and hence it is one of the convenient platforms if you want to enjoy social networking. It also has some of the best features because Donald Trump launches it after much research.

Fight against the perceived work culture.

According to Donald Trump and his developers, the application is used for fighting against a specific work culture. It has accessibility to everyone, and it does not limit the axis of any individual, just like Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.
He has made his application accessible to everyone, and discrimination with not be tolerated on the platform. Truth downloader is making life easier for most people because they can enjoy it and come across a lot of useful information present on the social network.

Truth feed and re-truth

Just like you see in Twitter, it has a Twitter feed and retweets same is the case with Truth video downloaders. It has a truth feed that looks like Twitter, and it also has re fruits which are also considered a piece of information that does not contain any impurity. It is true, and people posted because they have seen it themselves. You can use it just like you use Twitter; however, it has its terms and conditions.

How does it work?

Working of the truth video downloader is not different from Twitter.

  • It works like Twitter and also looks like it somehow.
  • You have to share your thoughts and comments on a different post that pops up on your feed.
  • If you know how to use Twitter, there is no problem using the Truth video downloader.
  • It is more convenient than Twitter and has many variations in it.


Truth downloader is one of the initiatives taken by Donald Trump after he was banned from Twitter. Many people now use it because of its popularity and convenience of use. You can enjoy its features after downloading get on your phone. It is available for all reasons, and it is also very easy to use. You can enjoy using it now by downloading it on your iOS. It has been said that it will soon be launched for other systems.