Douyin Video Downloader

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If you love Douyin then chances are that you would want to keep some of the videos on your phone. The app is used to create short videos of 3 to 60 seconds just like tik tok. Now, Douyin has over 520 million monthly users which means that the videos are being consumed and liked by a very wide audience.

We all want to keep our favourite videos stored in our phone so that we can access them whenever we want. But the app does not allow us to do so! So, what’s the recourse?

Well, the Douyin Video Downloader is a third party application which allows you to download and store videos from the app. So, whenever you are traveling and don’t have access to the internet you can easily watch your favorite videos from your phone.

Our Downloader is a very easy-to-use app. Want to know how to download Douyin videos using this third-party application? Then read below.

How To Use?

STEP 1: Copy the share link from the Douyin app of the video you want to download.

STEP 2: Open the Douyin video downloader.

STEP 3: Paste the link in the URL box and click on the ‘Download’ button.

STEP 4: Choose the quality in which you want the video to be downloaded and you are good to go.

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