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If you are looking for a job or just want to upgrade your business connections to the next level, then LinkedIn is a perfect place for you. The most famous recruiters, CEOs, and other important figures are actively searching through this platform to find their newest protégés and the most suitable personnel for their companies. They are also uploading the recent news and development clips about their work, job openings, and marketing updates to their profiles. If you are looking to make a presentation or some ads about the specific industries, then you can easily open LinkedIn and download the content you need. There is a perfect and free tool for that and it is called LinkedIn video downloader. Everyone can use this amazing downloader on any device, without any kind of additional installation or registration. Also, if you are looking forward to finding suitable people to hire for your own business, then this program will also be a great tool for you. Whenever you collect some cool clips from this social network and download them with a LinkedIn downloader, you can upload them directly to your company’s media page. This will make your business more reputable and easy to find for prospective new hires. This is a really important skill to have, especially if you are trying to recruit experienced people for management roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download any video for my CV?
Yes, a LinkedIn video downloader allows you to download any video, clip, or ad highlight from any LinkedIn profile. You just need to find the exact URL of the content you wish to download and then paste it here, in the download bar. The download process will start automatically.
Do I need to install the LinkedIn app or make an account on the website to use this downloader?
Our website acts as a third party and does not require you to fill out any registration form. It is also a completely online tool, which can be used to download videos from the LinkedIn app or from the social media website directly, without any further steps.
Is this downloader compatible with Mac, IOS and Android?
Yes, our downloader works on every Apple and Android device.