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There is a singer in all of us. The Starmaker lets you enjoy your dreams with a rich song library and an amazing user interface. This popular Karaoke app already has over 50m users in the world. It does not matter if you are a Rock fan or if you just like pop music, this app got a lot of songs from every music genre.

Users of the Starmaker can even add their own unique voice effects, recordings and video effects to their Karaoke clips.

If you want to be a superstar like other Starmaker users, then this downloader tool is perfect for you. Record and edit your musical performances and then download them with this free Starmaker song downloader. This will help you make amazing music albums and compilations to share it with your friends.

Record fun and entertaining Karaoke videos with your friends at the party and add various voice effects to them. You can save this cool footage on your computer after downloading from the Starmaker app with this website for free. You can even add cool filters to your videos and make your selfie clip look like footage from an actual music video. The Starmaker even helps you edit the video audio with a pitch correction tool to make it sound better. Our downloader tool will give you the option to collect all of your amazing performance videos in your computer folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Downloading Songs & Videos from Starmaker

Do you save the list of videos or songs that I download?
Our policy regarding archiving and copying videos is simple: Our website does not save, archive or copy any kind of video from your download list. The Starmaker downloader simply acts as a connection between your computer and the Starmaker online servers. You can download videos as anonymously as many times as you want. There is no daily limit on video downloads on this website.
Can I use this tool on my Iphone & PC & Tablet or Android?
Yes, our downloader works with every device and operating system. You can use it on IOS and also on Android smartphones as well. Starmaker downloader perfectly runs on windows and Mac too, you just need to be connected to the internet network.
Do I need to add an extension to my browser to use this downloader?
It is an online tool and does not require any additional extensions to run. Therefore, you can use this downloading website without paying any fee or installing any other program on your computer.
Does this website log and save the downloaded track history and the songs?
This Starmaker song downloader simply uses a quick and reliable script to deliver requested songs from this famous platform to your device without going through any extra steps. Therefore, this program does not archive, copy or save any kind of songs or even your download history for any reason.
Is there any limit on the format and amount of tracks that I can download with this Starmaker downloader?
This Starmaker online song downloader works like a perfect helper and guide of the music world for you. It allows the users to download as many songs and tracks as they want daily or even weekly. There is no limit on how many songs you can collect with this platform. There is also no limitation on what kind of content you can download from the Starmaker library with this free and reliable tool.