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Singing karaoke is one of the best choices when you want to light up the party. You can sing your favorite songs and the most famous hits anywhere with WeSing app. This amazing application lets you sing any song with your own unique style and voice effects. Recording entertaining videos with this program is a cool way to show off your singing skills and record music videos with your friends.

WeSing app already has more than 6 million songs and their lyrics in the library. You can use them to record duets with your friends or even with celebrities. You can even join the public karaoke party rooms. There are so many fun and exciting voice and video effects that you would never run out of cool tricks to use. Once you make the best video with your Karaoke talent, you can save your videos on your computer too. This is very simple with our WeSing downloader. It will help you download any performance clip you want from this app without any additional fee or registration.

What’s best about this Karaoke app is that you can already download and sing its songs offline, anytime and anywhere. With the We Sing downloader, you can have your own Karaoke stage anywhere you go. Just start singing and have fun. If you do not know what to download with our program, then checking out WeSing entertaining rooms would be a good place to start. They got singing rooms, video rooms and many other lobbies with a fun and entertaining audience. If you want to sing the top hits from the world billboard list, then this app definitely help you fulfill your dreams. Making your own concert and recording the whole show with your phone has never been this easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

About downloading songs from WeSing

How many videos can I download in a day?

Our downloader does not have a download limit. You can download as many videos as you want, without any extra fee.

Can I use this downloader on different devices?

WeSing downloader takes videos directly from the Karaoke app servers and sends them your way. Therefore, this can be done on any device, including smartphones running on Android and IOS operating systems. This tool also works on every windows version.

Does this program save the videos that I download with it?

No, our website does not archive, save or copy any videos that you download with our website.

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