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Social media websites and live stream platforms are all over the internet. But, there is one unique app, which took the best part of these two worlds and infuses it with additional amazing content. Likee is a pretty original and completely free tool, which helps you create entertaining short videos. Whenever you decide to create your own short clip, this cool app will connect you to its huge community. It is really easy to share content with others on this app because every day there are thousands of Likee users online who publish viral videos, flawless cinematic scenes, and other kinds of art projects.

Likee makes it really easy to create and edit short videos with special effects or sounds. With this cool app, you would also get a personalized video feed on your main page and also excellent live stream options. There are already over 100 million users in this fun community and you can enjoy their various content from all around the world.

Our tool is a perfect way to utilize this amazing platform and make your audience bigger. Likee video downloader helps you download any kind of video and music clip from this app without any extra extension. You do not even need to fill out a registration form or pay any fee to use this downloader. Just copy the link from the Likee video page and paste it here, in the download bar. The downloading process will start automatically and would be really quick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about this Likee video downloader?
This program is fully based on online servers, which means that you do not need to install any extension on your browser or use some kind of VPN to download whatever you want. Just visit this website and paste the URL in the download bar, there are no more boring steps.
Can I use this tool on my iPhone & Android & PC?
Yes. This Likee downloader is equipped with a modern algorithm to work perfectly on both IOS and Android smartphones. PC is also supported.
Do you save the downloaded videos or the download history?
Our servers simply act as a bridge between the Likee platform and your device. We do not copy, save or archive any downloaded videos. The download history also won’t be saved. You can download whatever you want at any time because this amazing tool has no daily download limit. Just enjoy your fun time without worrying about your search or download history being monitored.